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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 feet (2.1m) in diameter. HVLS Fans move slowly and distribute large amount of air at low rotational Speed.Conventional ceiling fans runs on totally opposite principle of Low Volume High Speed.

About Austar HVLS Fans
Why You Choose

Austar HVLS FANS ?

  • Suitable for workshop / building bigger than 2500 Sq. Ft & roof height more than 18ft.
  • Uniform Air distribution
  • Air Quality – Breeze Air [ A Gentle Wind ]
  • Irritation less Longer hours exposure. ( workers can work comfortably for 10-12 hours )
  • The human body feels 4 to 5 degree less. It is called wind chill effect “The air ‘feels’ colder than it is because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin.”
  • Reduced power consumption. ( 30% to 70% )
  • Reduced Capital cost on Ventilation equipment
  • Added aesthetics

Magical Advantages

Austar HVLS Fans have certain magical advantages against conventional Ceiling Fans / Wall Mounted Fans
Conventional Ceiling Fans / Wall Mounted FansHVLS Fans
SizeMaximum up to 36” (36Inch) Diameter.8 feet to 24feet Diameter
Area CoverageNeed 100 No of Fans for 15000 Sq. feet AreaNeed Only 1 Fan for 15000 Sq. feet Area
Power Consumption2.5 Watt / Sq. Feet Area0.1 Watt / Sq. Feet Area
Air QualityLow Volume of Air at High Speed.High Volume of Air at low Velocity
Gives Artificial feel.Gives Natural Breeze Air feel.
Person gets irritated after certain timePerson can stay / work for longer hours
NoiseHigherVery Low
Capital CostLowHigh
Operating costHighLow
Return On Investment. ( ROI )

There was a time before two Years only imported fans were available in Indian market. It was extremely costly and difficult to afford. Now Austar is catering India with Made in India HVLS Fans and brought the cost to Industry low level. Lets us understand Return on Investment by a following Case Study.

Title hereTitle here
Area15000 Square Feet
Working Hours20 Hours
Working days in a month25 days
Total working Hours in a Year20 * 25 * 12 = 6000 hours
No. of Conventional Ceiling Fans required30 Nos
No. of HVLS Fan required1 No.
Total Cost of Conventional Fans8000 x 30 = Rs. 2,40,000
Total Cost of HVLS FanRs. 2,40,000/-
Paying Extra Initial costRs. 0,00,000/-
Power Consumption of Conventional ceiling Fan0.300 KWH / Fan [0.300 x 30 = 9 KWH]
Power Consumption of Conventional HVLS Fan1.5 KWH / Fan= 1.5 KWH
Power Saving per Hour9 – 1.5 = 7.5 KW
Per Hour power expense saving ( Considering Rs. 7 / Unit )7.5 KWH x 7 =Rs. 52.5/-
Considering Working hours = 12 hours/day
Working Days = 25 / month
Total hours in a year = 12 x 25 x 12 = 3600 hours
Total expense saving per year by each AS245 fanRs. 52.5 x 3600 = Rs. 1,89,000/-


Gear Motor

Nord / SEW German make. IP 55 Protection, IE2 Efficiency, with Reinforced Bearing.

Blade Mounting Hub

Aluminium HE9 Grade. Die Casted Single Piece with Radiography tested.


Aluminium HE9 Grade. Having broadest blade section in market. Having Two Ribs for extra strength.


Driven by VFD of reputed make i.e Lenze / Danfoss / Crompton.


Operated through KeyPad having easy and long life keys for Start / Stop, Reverse / Forward and Speed increase / decrease.
Cable connection are through plug and play type for easy installation, maintenance and trouble free long lasting operation.
Models are CE certified by third party agency ‘TUV Nord’

Key Specification


Safety Features
All components are designed to keep safety as the first aspect of Fan performance. Adding to that additional safety provisions are configured considering CE requirements.

  • Hanging Structure
  • Is made from IS 2062 M.S. tested Raw Material and welded by certified welders.
  • All fasteners are selected with additional factory safety. All nuts are Nyloc Nuts.
  • As an additional safety, SS Wire Rope is wrapped twice among roof and Fan Hanging Structure.

Blade mounting Hub is Single Piece Diecast LM6 Aluminium Grade material. All Hubs are radiography tested for checking internal cracks if any.

Motor to Hub couple
Motor and Hub are coupled to fail-free couplings As an additional safety S clamps are provided to prevent fall out of Hub in the unlikely event of fall down.

Blades are made from aluminum material with the broadest section among other manufacturers. Austar’s blades are having two ribs for additional safety.
All Blades are provided with internal wire rope wrapping to prevent fall out in case of the unlikely event of Blade breakage.


The High-volume Low-speed Fan is shortly known as an HVLS FANS. It is a Mechanical Fan that distributes a large amount of air at low rotational speed and its SIze is at least feet (2.1 m) or greater, hence the name high volume low speed. The fan smoothly mixes the layers of air to maintain a comfortable temperature without raising the heat. It is an effective cooling or heating solution for large spaces. This Fan is generally mounted on the ceiling although some are pole mounted.

Cooling a large premise is a very complicated process. Large ceiling fans are designed to move a high volume of air at low speed creating a blowing breeze environment on any premise. They are normally installed in Airports, Godowns, warehouses, shopping malls, Animal sheds, Hospitals, Schools, Dairy farms, Horse Stables, hangars, and more. The large ceiling fans are versatile, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective fans. They are very much suitable for industrial and commercial spaces. The Austar HVLS Fans are suitable for workshop or building that is bigger than 2500 Sq. Ft and the roof height more than 18ft. These fans also contribute to increasing the productivity of the workers.


Usually, there are air conditioners installed in the large premises to keep the place cool. The air conditioner keeps the place cool, while the HVLS fan keeps the people cool. The HVLS fans more temperature consistent. The fan does not directly heat or cool the air, but it can make the place more comfortable and the environment more pleasant.

The fan distributes and increases the airflow in the room constantly. The fan pushes air down from the ceiling and pulls the air up from the floor and thus distributing air all around the room and giving a natural breeze-like feeling. Normally the cool air remains at the bottom on floor level and hot air remain at the top on ceiling level. In this way, air separates into layers and this Is called stratification. The industrial ceiling fan mixes the layers or air together and evaporative cooling happens. Ine ran blows a high volume of air toward the floor and then the air migrates outwards until it reaches a sidewall. As soon as the air reaches a side wall or any vertical surface, it turns upward and flows back towards the ceiling. In this way, air circulates in the room and the increased air circulation effectively removes hot humid air and replaces it with cool air.

How Do They Work

The ceiling fan accelerates the evaporation of moisture of the body and creates a cooling effect. The fan increases the evaporative heat loss from the body and helps keep the skin cool. The evaporative effect also works to eliminate humidity from the air. The fan minimizes the dampness in the air and keeps the air dry, thus making the place more comfortable. The cool breeze flows throughout the premises and it gives a pleasant feeling to the occupants.

The HVLS fans are able to move in reverse. Usually, a fan moves counterclockwise, but for a large ceiling fan, you can change the system to move in the reverse direction during the winter season. The hot air remains at the top and the cool air remains at the bottom. In wintertime, the occupants are left with cold air at the bottom and thus the temperature becomes uncomfortable for them. An HVLS fan by moving in the reverse direction mixes the hot air with the cool air and maintains a comfortable temperature without raising the heat.


The HVLS fans are normally needed in large places where people are working, seating, or standing for some activity. In large places where air movement is not available, the occupants feel suffocated, and here the need for this fan arises. These fans are originally designed for installation in large spaces such as factories, workshops, barns, hangars, animal sheds, and more.

The HVLS fans are very useful in industrial establishments and commercial establishments. In an Industrial establishment generally, HVAC systems are installed. The HVAC system cools the room, but it cannot give the feel of a cool breeze flowing around the room. Here the HVLS fan works to distribute the air uniformly on the premises. The people working there would feel a pleasant breeze on their skin and they would enjoy staying and working there. This can increase the productivity and efficiency of the workers.

industrial ceiling fans are very useful at the Commercial establishment. Several people come to visit in commercial establishments. There is air conditioning on the premises, but it does not give the feeling of a cool breeze. The customers might feel uneasy, and they would not stay longer. The industrial ceiling fan circulates the cool air and creates a flowing breeze environment; thus, customers would feel good and stay long and might purchase more as well.


Before HVLS fans got introduced in INDIA, most of the big industrial and commercial buildings were using either HVAC systems or conventional wall-mounted Air Circulating Fans.

Being Capital and Operation cost of the HVAC system at a higher nod, most of the users tend to use wall-mounted Air Circulator Fans. Wall-mounted Air Circulators also have their own challenges like High Noise level, Limited area coverage, Frequent Maintenance, Limited working life, etc.

Once HVLS fans got introduced, users got solutions to both of these two options HVAC and Wall Mounted Air Circulator Fans. Capital cost and Operation cost of HVLS Fan found very less than HVAC systems and Performance and comfort very high than Air Circulators.

In some the applications like Airports, HVLS Fans are used to reduce HVAC operation costs also.


HVLS fan helps to increase productivity:
The HVLS fan distributes breezes over large spaces, leaving a wind-chill effect on occupants. When the people working in the workplace feel pleasant, they would work better. The workers would like to work in the workplace and thus the productivity and efficiency increase. It increases work performance due to a good working environment. Workers can work comfortably for 10-12 hours. The big ceiling fans are also used in animal sheds and dairy farms. A study says that there would be a huge difference in the output when the animals are put in a comfortable premise where the temperature is just right for them. Thus, the fan increases the productivity of both workers and livestock

HVLS fans can save money:
It can reduce the capital cost of ventilation equipment by installing an industrial ceiling fan in your facility. The cooling cost can be minimized by installing this fan. You can save the expenses of 10 to 12 small ceiling fans by installing just one HVLS fan. These Fans can also reduce the cost of ducting. Moreover, it may seem expensive at first glance but it has a good ROI. It maintains constant air movement. The occupant feels comfortable living and working in big areas, like factories, malls, airports, and other places. When this fan is installed in a commercial establishment, the customers visiting there would like to remain there because of good air conditioning. This means that they may stay at the place longer and will buy the products while enjoying the cool breeze. These fans would save money for sure and can increase the profit too. It has a long life span so no worry about recurring fan expenses.

HVLS Fans operates noiselessly:
There are small ceiling fans or exhaust fans working to circulate air in a large facility. These fans make immense noise while functioning. The HVLS fans operate quietly making very low noise. Even though these fans are big in size, they do not make much noise as they work at less rpm. The workers or occupant gets irritated when the fans make so much noise. The HVLS fans do not disturb or stress the occupants or animals by making continuous irritating noise. The workers can peacefully do their work better indoor air quality and thus productivity is increased.

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