Does HVLS Fan reduced the temperature?

20 January 2020

Does HVLS Fan reduced the temperature?

When somebody thinks of a HVLS Fan, He/she thinks of reducing the air temperature in the particular area. Now lets understand does a HVLS Fan cools the Air or not?

Fact is, the HVLS Fans are not equipped with any equipment which can reduce the air temperature. Surprised? Yes, Its true that HVLS Fans don't reduce the Air Temperature.

Inspite of this Fact, HVLS fans are being used for cooling effect. Lets try to understand why and how the AUSTAR HVLS Fan can generate cooling effect. When the Air in the particular area is given movement through Fans, our body starts feeling 3 to 4 degree reduced temperature, due to evaporating of sweat on our body. Ask our sales team to arrange your visist to nearby place where AUSTAR HVLS fans are install to experience this cooling effect.

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