Welcome to Austarindia ( HVLS Fans )

Key component specifications.

  • Gear Motor : Nord / SEW German make. IP 55 Protection, IE2 Efficiency, with Reinforced Bearing.
  • Blade Mounting Hub : Aluminium HE9 Grade. Die Casted Single Piece with Radiography tested.
  • Blades : Aluminium HE9 Grade. Having broadest blade section in market. Having Two Ribs for extra strength.
  • Paint : Driven by VFD of reputed make i.e Lenze / Danfoss / Crompton.
  • Control : Operated through KeyPad having easy and long life keys for Start / Stop, Reverse / Forward and Speed increase / decrease.

Cable connection are through plug and play type for easy installation, maintenance and trouble free long lasting operation.

Models are CE certified by third party agency ‘TUV Nord’

Safety Provisions

Safety Features:

All components are designed keeping safety as first aspect of Fan performance. Adding to that additional safety provisions are configured considering CE requirements.

Hanging Structure:

  • Is made from IS 2062 M.S. tested Raw Material and welded by certified welders.
  • All fasteners are selected with additional factory safety. All nuts are Nyloc Nuts.
  • As an additional safety SS Wire Rope is wrapped twice among roof and Fan Hanging Structure.


Blade mounting Hub is Single Piece Die casted LM6 Aluminium Grade material. All Hubs are radiography tested for checking internal cracks if any.

Motor to Hub couple:

Motor and Hub are coupled to fail free couplings As an additional safety S clamps are provided to prevent fall out of Hub in unlikely event of fall down.

Blades :

Blades area made from aluminium material with broadest section among other manufacturers. Austar’s blades are having two ribs for additional safety.

All Blades are provided with internal wire rope wrapping to prevent fall out in case of unlikely event of Blade breakage.