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Warehouses demands for HVLS Fans

Apr 24 2020

Warehousing in INDIA is now getting well established, professionally and effectively managed. Effective warehouse management has strengthen the supply chain in INDIA. To improve ventilation in warehouse facilities AUSTAR HVLS Fans are most economic and effective solution. Lets for example of a ware house having 100ft Width x 2000ft Length. Lets understand first how manyfans are required for 20000 square feet warehouse? If we talk about conventional Fans, we need almost 1000 Nos. conventional industrial Fans. Whereas if we talk about AUSTAR HVLS Fans, we need only 20 nos. Lets compare power consumption of HVLS Fans for a ware house and Conventional Industrial Fans for the particular warehouse. AUSTAR HVLS Fans will consume 1.5KW x 20Nos = 30KW, whereas for Conventional Industrial Fans the power consumtion for said warehouse should be 0.300 KW x 1000Nos = 300KW. We can say set of conventional fans will demand 10times of electricity compared to AUSTAR HVLS Fans.

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